For first-time foreign tourists

 Ski and snowboard lessons (lessons in simple English) are scheduled to start on December 23rd.

Applications will start from December 1st.

Lesson details.
1 Number of people: 1 to 4 people (group)

2 Lesson time: 90 minutes (AM course 10:50~, PM course 13:30~)

3 Reception time: Please come to the ski school 30 minutes before the lesson.

4 Lesson fee: 1-2 people ⇒ 26,000 yen (total), 3-4 people ⇒ 30,000 yen (total)

5 Reservation and application method: The application fee is 5,000 yen. Payment of the application fee will be made by credit card. We will inform you about the payment method by e-mail.

The application fee will be treated as part of the lesson fee, and the balance will be settled on the day of the lesson.

*Reservation will be completed upon payment of application fee. If the payment is not made by the due date(one week in advance) ,the reservation will be cancelled.

*Cancellation fee is free until one week before the lesson date. After that, the fee will be 5,000 yen and the application fee will be applied.

6 Remarks (1) There is an extra charge when using the lift.

(2) The rental fee for ski equipment is not included in the lesson fee. There is a rental shop at the ski resort.




 (0575)87-3045 9:00-15:30